Two-Year Old Christian Boy Shot Point Blank in Pakistan

Two-Year Old Christian Boy Shot Point Blank in Pakistan

During the last one month or so, a severe wave of minority persecution has engulfed Pakistan. In Lahore alone, 16 Christian girls were raped and abducted in recent weeks.  A Christian man named Imran Masih, who was working as cleaner at a rural health center, was accused of blasphemy.

Here are two more stories that give an idea of the extent of persecution which Christian and other minorities are subjected to in Pakistan:

Two-year old, Ayan Masih: Shot Dead

According to the reports, the father of the Christian child, Samsoon Masih, was a painter and was contracted to paint a building owned by Haji Rasheed. As Samsoon was close to finishing his work, he asked for payment from Rasheed, who was reluctant to give him the money.

At the same time, Samsoon received word that this father had sustained a serious injury. Before rushing to the hospital, he asked Rasheed again for his wages and was paid ten percent.

Meanwhile, Rasheed demanded that Samsoon finish the job. Samsoon explained to Rasheed that he would finish the job when his father was discharged, but in the meantime, there was no one else to take care of his father in the hospital.

After a few days, Samsoon’s father was discharged. Hearing the news, Rasheed rushed to Samsoon’s house, shouting at him in a rage. Raheed left, but only to return shortly afterwards with his son and a friend.  All three men had weapons in their hands.

The men entered the house firing and injured Samsoon and his father. Two-year old Ayan Masih, Samsoon’s son, was playing in the courtyard. One of the men, at point blank range, targeted the child’s head and killed him on the spot.

The police registered the case against the three perpetrators.


11-Year Old Indar Waneet Hotwani: Raped and Killed

In another sad incident, an 11-year old Hindu boy, Indar Waneet Hotwani, was raped by a group of Muslim men in Hyderabad, Karachi, killed and his body thrown into the swimming pool. No arrests have been made so for.

The Hindu community protested against this inhuman killing at the hands of fundamentalists, but the rest of the Muslim society, as well as the media, has remained silent, which only encourages more incidents like this.

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