In the Middle East, the birthplace of Christianity, Christians and other minorities are being violently persecuted, driven out and wiped out. Even their places of worship are being destroyed.

Faithkeepers gives face and voice to the humanitarian crisis and genocide affecting millions in  the Middle East as a result of religious and ethnic persecution.

The film is a testament to the stories of the persecuted and an inspiring portrait of the human spirit.  Using personal testimonies and original animation, the film exposes daily life for those  facing violence and expulsion.

Faithkeepers – the movie and the movement – will awaken, enlighten and inspire all people of faith to stand up and take action.



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“Right now you have a very small, faint candle-flicker of a light: that is our people. And, for every church that is blown up, every town that is emptied, you are one step closer to that little, faint flame being extinguished, and us not existing anymore.”
Wisam Naoum, Lawyer and Activist


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