In the Middle East, the birthplace of Christianity, Christians and other minorities are being violently persecuted, driven out and wiped out. Even their places of worship are being destroyed.

Faithkeepers is an upcoming documentary film that features exclusive footage and testimonials of Christians, Baha’i, Yazidis, Jews, and other minority refugees, as well as a historical context of the persecution in the region.

Faithkeepers – the movie and the movement – will awaken, enlighten and inspire all people of faith to stand up and take action.



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“Right now you have a very small, faint candle-flicker of a light: that is our people. And, for every church that is blown up, every town that is emptied, you are one step closer to that little, faint flame being extinguished, and us not existing anymore.”
Wisam Naoum, Lawyer and Activist


Egypt: Seven Homes Destroyed in Anti-Christian Riot

A mob of 300 Muslim men in Egypt destroyed seven Coptic houses and stripped an elderly Coptic woman in the middle of the street on [...]

Pakistan’s Minorities: Fleeing a Fire for a Snake Pit

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Christian Forces in Iraq: Help Us Save Christianity

A spokesman and soldier with an Assyrian Christian defense force in Iraq has a message for the people and church of America in an interview [...]



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